Watercolor Portrait Generator – This mockup will turn any portrait photo into a watercolor painting on the studio desk. It will even add lens blur for realistic effect. Just insert photo – any photo will do. To do so, Double-click the red-marked layer called “DoubleClickToEditPhoto”. It will open another window called “painting.pbs” where you’ll see another red marked layer called “DoubleClickToEditPhoto”. Double-click that one too and it will open a canvas called “layer112.pbs” where you just have to paste you photo (in the layer “paste image here”). It will turn black&white. At this point you can adjust the detail (click on the thumbnail of a layer called “treshold”, it will show a small window with a slider (threshold properties). Move it left or right to bring more / less detail). Once you’re happy with the amount of detail, save it (ctrl+S). It will update the file “paintings.pbs” with your color watercolor painting. Now we just need to save that file too (ctrl+S) and it will finally update the main file with your generated watercolor portrait. You can remove optional brushes, pencils, eraser, colors if you want.