Hero Scene Animator

This Hero Scene Animator can be romantic, but also very scary. It’s great from everything from Valentine day e-cards, to Halloween animated hero images for websites. It’s also very easy to use (instructions are provided in a .doc file). Basically you just...

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Ironman Mask Animation

Animate Your Face in this awesome Ironman's Futuristic Mask Animated Gif Directly from Photoshop - Just insert your photo I have made several popular "still image" templates and files about one particular superhero’s mask interface (guess who) - But this one is...

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Hero Scene Animator for Photoshop

ANIMATED HERO SCENE TEMPLATE This Animated Hero Scene for Photoshop lets you insert any photo, choose a direction of movement and export it as an animated .gif, or as a video (which is what facebook uses for animated profile photos). It’s very easy to use...

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Video Slideshows made in Photoshop

CREATE VIDEO SLIDESHOWS AND ANIMATED GIFS IN PHOTOSHOP Now you can make beautiful Video Slideshows and animated Gifs directly in Photoshop, with no other tools required! Make wordpress-compatible video backgrounds for website headers, cool video effects, animated...

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300X250 Animated Banner in PS

Looping 300x250 Animated banner in Photoshop Great for sale events, veteran’s day, independence day, etc). Edit and export this animated .GIF product banner done in a ‘U.S.A. theme’ directly from Photoshop. Low file size, easy to serve by different ad providers, or by...

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STRANGER THINGS UPSIDE DOWN ANIMATOR This file will turn any photo into a popular, dark “Upside Down” world from your favorite TV show. Animated .GIF is great for posting on social media, for emails and websites. Size of the file is 800×450 which is perfect for...

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Stranger Things “UpsideDown” GIF Maker

STRANGER THINGS - UPSIDE DOWN .GIF GENERATOR IN PHOTOSHOP Stranger Things - Upside Down generator This file will turn any photo into a popular, dark “Upside Down” world from your favorite TV show, we're paying respect to. Animated .GIF is great...

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Abstract Video in a TV Set

Abstract Video Template. Insert JUST ONE photo and edit 3 words for your abstract .gif art piece that you can easily share on Facebook and other social media. This is a .PSD Photoshop file with pre-made settings, so exporting this artistic .gif in a minute is just a...

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Snow Scene Photoshop Animation

AMAZING SNOW GENERATOR FOR PHOTOSHOP JUST INSERT YOUR PHOTO AND SHARE IT ON SOCIAL MEDIA Animated Snow over Your Photo in Photoshop - Easy Snow Scene Photoshop Animation, that will change you do your Holiday eCards forever. THIS FILE ALSO ADJUSTS YOUR PHOTO'S COLOR...

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Photoshop Animated TV’s

Website Video Background with 7 Old TVs and Your Footage   This file is for PS CS6 Extended and above. This is how you do Website video backgrounds (many new wordpress sites are using it). There are 7 old TV’s stacked and playing any video footage you like (well, some...

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Animated Particles in Photoshop

Insert any photo and let this file export it as an animated .gif with a realistic show and animated particles floating around. It works for inside photos as well, creating surreal dust effect (see examples). To use, just open a red marked layer called Image Holder (by...

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Cinemagraph Photoshop Action

CINEMAGRAPH is a living moment in an otherwise still photograph. It exists in the world in between a photograph and video to bring to life the image and make it last forever. It is usually several seconds long, and looping. My examples here are only 1 second long, yet...

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