Turn any text, vector, logo into a cool, grungy weathered ink splatter. Choose from 7 colors (and their combinations) and 4 different hi-res background, plus optional scratches (white and black), and splashes (those elements are marked in yellow and can be turned on/off per will). To insert your text / vectorized image, just right click on the red marked image holder and choose “edit contents”, then delete my placeholder text and type/paste your artwork. When done, save and it will update the main file with splash colors of your choice, on any background provided (or use it transparent). For images, I suggest that you vectorize them in illustrator first by using the “black/white logo” tracing setting, then to paste them into photoshop. Delete all white from those images, so the only real color that’s left is black. White cutouts will be transparent on the paper.

Download it HERE

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