Scarab13 is all about exclusivity. I create exclusive and professional creative resources for masses. My original and very popular items are featured on many different digital graphic asset websites and portals. I also offer a VIP 1 on 1 design services on Envato Studio, as well as a personal consulting services (contact me on twitter or FB if you're interested)

Back in 2007 when I just joined Envato, (and long before I briefly hit the 4th place of their best selling graphic authors) and even before I was awarded with their Elite status,  I had to pick a nickname; because Envato wouldn't allow posting templates under your own name. So, I came up with Scarab13, and it stuck. Now it's a name of my whole brand, and that name, Scarab13 is also a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


all those pretty .gif's


everything chalkboard

Vintage Halloween Poster

VINTAGE GRUNGE CHALK BOARD HALLOWEEN POSTER Easy to modify, this layered Halloween poster / flyer...

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