One of the Top 10 BEST Old Western posters online (By Tripwire Magazine – 3 posters shown in that list are mine). 413 Sales by March 2014!

So, you feeling like a desperado lately?

This is the poster that Envato uses for “MOST WANTED” contest announcements. I made this one after realizing that my previous ”’Wanted’ poster for web” was a great success… (Borat’s voice). This one is more hard core, it’s darker, it’s more Clint Eastwood and less John Wayne. It not only changes your regular photo into an old, dirty image, but also add paper creases, there are layers of bullet holes and blood & grunge splatters to move around, you can adjust the color, change text and you can do it all in less than a minute! Layers are well organized, detailed, illustrated instructions provided, free fonts listed (with download links). Font list with downloadable links is included in the download package.

Download it HERE