Editable Dollar Bill – Money Generator in 1500×650 – Easy to edit, a $1000 money bill with 9 editable text areas and a replaceable image. It will work with any image (color or b/w). Just right click a red marked layer called “Image_rightclick…” and choose “Edit Contents”. It will open another window with some layers and lines. It’s all ok. There you’ll see another red-marked layer also called “Image_rightclick…” and do the same thing (right click, edit contents). It will open a photo placeholder, insert your image in the layer called “paste image here”, resize to fit. Close that window, it will update a file with black and white face only and some lines all over. Just save that window too and it will update the main file with your face in the dollar bill. It was necessary to use two smart object one inside another one, but once you follow the info you’ll see it’s very easy to edit. Text layers are marked in Yellow.

For a particular $100 money bill (a “Benjamin”), you can use our other item HERE.

Download it HERE

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