Original Punk posters were not printed in color – they were dark, high-contrast, damaged black and white sheets of cheap paper, with a splash of red when needed. They were a statement of a time, it’s music and lifestyle. Original 70’s Style Punk Rock Poster is THE punk legacy template.

8.5”x11” in size, CMYK, print ready. It will turn any photo into a grunge, vintage photocopied Punk Rock Poster. To insert your photo, double-click a red market layer called “Image Holder” and paste your image in the window that will open. Stretch to fit, focus on the left side of the space provided (that side will be more prominent in the final poster). Save and it will update the original artwork. Re-type text and you’re done. You can then move color bars and text around (see few examples in my previews)

Fonts used: – Bebas Neue (http://www.dafont.com/bebas-neue.font) – Headline One (http://www.urbanfonts.com/fonts/Headline_One.htm)