This is a flexible file with a LARGE number of combination looks. There are 8 “ash” effects that you can enable/disable (separately or combined), plus a monochromatic generator and a vintage treatment overlay that you can add on top of the effects. In practice, you only have to insert your image and to enable / disable layers until you get the best result.  This is NOT a Photoshop action, so no installation, running, adjusting of add-ons. Just load an included .PSD file, paste your photo and start playing with layers.

note: layers are organized in an easy structure – marked in RED is where you’re supposed to paste photo (layer folder is called “paste image here”. Marked in BLUE is optional monochromatic look. Marked in ORANGE are 8 main effects. Finally, on top, marked in PURPLE is a vintage overlay.

Get this unique .PSD file with easy to follow instructions for only $4, exclusively from DownloadSoho and you won’t need any other vintage look generators. With almost unlimited number of looks and combinations, this small file will happily work on every project, without clogging your resources. (tip: process all your website images throughout the same effect for a unique and unified website look and feel. Many people make mistakes of using different effects and color corrections on their sites, which results in messy look).