You have entered our secret section. Well done. Now check out these awesome pre-made creative resources, website graphics, mockup, templates and whatnot. It's all made by Scarab13, unique, exclusive and appreciate worldwide (our designs are used on all 7 continents in popular media, TV, literature, film, and all other visual outlets)

Chalk Board Designs

Vintage Chalk board are popular. Everyone from hipster coffee shops, to ship kitchens is using them. So how about this one? A fully layered set of 4 hi-res, layered, resizable and editable Chalk boards for you to download. Included is the long...

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Free – Hand Written Font

FREE! - This hand made font comes in 2 versions: Regular Never Neverland and Swirled Never Neverland. You can install fonts by double clicking the .ttf or .otf font files. To use them, just open your application after you install the font, and it should be in your...

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7 Layered Mockups with a Girl

7 Layered PSD mock-ups of a girl holding the “blank” sign. Each one is masked to perfectly fit your images (just right click on the Layer Holder layer, choose Edit Contents and paste your image). All files come with the optional background,...

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Poster “Stripped”

Very cool and original concept. It is definitely different than other posters out there. You just have to insert one image and it will get this same treatment seen in the preview. Instructions are provided. Modify the whole poster in less than...

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Book Cover Photoshop Template

Book Cover Photoshop Template - Fits the most standard, 5”x8” size book, with front, back and spine. Nicely organized, easy to modify in minutes. Includes two templates with a choice of color/style and a 4”x6” card with same design. Just import...

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Grunge Poster Template

Great for shows, performances, events. Multilayered, easy to replace image (right click the red marked layer called “Image Holder” and choose “Edit Contents” which will open a separate window with the image inside. Just paste your picture over...

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Studio28 Child Theme is out

After some updating, adding more features, making it look even more beautiful and enhancing it's security, Studio28 is available for sale at an INSANE promotional price of LESS than $10! Finally, Scarab13 is proud to present our own, exclusive Wordpress child theme...

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Badass Wanted Poster

This "Wanted" Poster comes with 2 sets of guns and hands for different combinations. Just upload your photo and adjust the position of the guns! Type your text and print it or use as the badass Facebook profile photo! [button link="http://...

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Watercolor Portrait Generator Mockup

Watercolor Portrait Generator - This mockup will turn any portrait photo into a watercolor painting on the studio desk. It will even add lens blur for realistic effect. Just insert photo – any photo will do. To do so, Double-click the red-marked layer called...

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Election Poster

Election Poster with two image placeholders. Great for all kinds of elections, from Class Presidents to Presidents of Countries, and everything in between.  Easy to use, professional look and appearance. [button link="http://"...

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Customize your angel

Customize your angel. Just import your photo. Wings are included! This awesome poster template is editable in a minute. Great for all kinds of...

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Video Slideshows made in Photoshop

        CREATE VIDEO SLIDESHOWS AND ANIMATED GIFS IN PHOTOSHOP Now you can make beautiful Video Slideshows and animated Gifs directly in Photoshop, with no other tools required! Make wordpress-compatible video backgrounds for website headers, cool...

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