This file has a large number of combinations and looks. There are 8 “ash” effects that you can enable/disable (separately or combined), plus a monochromatic generator and a vintage treatment overlay that you can add on top of the effects. In practice, you only have to insert your image and to enable / disable layers until you get the best result. This is NOT a Photoshop action, so no installation, running, adjusting of add-ons. Just load an included .PSD file, paste your photo and start playing with layers. File is in a large 3500×2500 size. note: layers are organized in an easy structure – marked in RED is where you’re supposed to paste photo (layer folder is called “paste image here”. Marked in BLUE is optional monochromatic look. Marked in ORANGE are 8 main effects. Finally, on top, marked in PURPLE is a vintage overlay.