4 Movie Posters Bundle

4 Movie Posters Bundle - My best-Selling  Film Posters with 470 combined sales (by feb 2014)! It will be here temporarily, for a short time. Easy to modify and use. "Horror" poster will get you some serious attention being grunge and spooky....

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Halloween Poster

Easy to use (300dpi, CMYK) Halloween Poster already features a spooy face you can use, but you can also replace it with any other face/photo. Just double click the layer called “head” and paste your photo in the layer “paste image here”. Save...

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Elegant Poster Template

Different concept with 3D rendered image holder, as well as exclusively rendered 3D background image. Easy to use: Just right click the red-marked layer called “Image Holder” and choose Edit Contents. Then paste your image in the only layer inside, called...

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Chalkboard Design Services

Chalkboard Design Services by Scarab13 Custom, professional, and very very affordable chalkboard design services for your business, hobby or just for fun. Firstly, here are just a few ideas you could use this service for: Cover your coffee shop wall (or...

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Vintage Event Flyer

Vintage Event Flyer that is great for all kinds of music and events, and very easy to use. Just insert your image in the red marked layer called “double click to insert image”, paste your photo in the (also red marked) layer called “paste image here”, and save. It...

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Modern Card Design

This one is an instant bestseller. Modern card Design Template very easy to modify in a minute. Interesting theme, images made of many little squares, text split and half. Great for a direct mailer or a facebook advertisement. [button...

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PS Action “Purple Haze”

Photoshop action "Purple Haze" is really amazing. It will turn any boring photo into the artsy, vintage, hi-impact image. Easy to use, just press play and watch it happening. Make sure that your photo is a single, flattened, RGB image named "Background" (in case your...

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Freebie – Editable Chalkboard

  In order to see the download link BELOW you have to LOG IN. If you're not registered, you can do it HERE. If you've logged in, the link for your download is below, enjoy! This freebie is a fully editable DEMO of our Chalkboad template set: “20 Hi-res,...

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Violet Vibrance Action

VioletVibrance is a Photoshop portrait HDR action for photographers and creatives. There is no steps that you have to follow before running it. Just have your image in RGB mode. The action is pretty simple in a way that the final look is not much customizable – You...

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