Website Video Background with 7 Old TVs and Your Footage


This file is for PS CS6 Extended and above. This is how you do Website video backgrounds (many new wordpress sites are using it). There are 7 old TV’s stacked and playing any video footage you like (well, some 10 seconds of it, then it loops). Short length helps loading speed, so the video will start playing before your visitors scroll down. This is much better than having image sliders. You can now use this video instead, add some text and some call to action over it and enjoy all the compliments you’ll get. Of course, you can make the file smaller (some 500 wide) and export as animated .gif as well.

Once I have the video background rendered, I use free mp4 to webm online converter (so I am covered when it comes to any platforms/browsers) Then I open a new full-size module in DIVI (which is the wordpress weapon of my choice – download it here:, and I set my video background files (upload both mp4 and webm), then I add some header copy and a button if needed (you want people to start interacting with your website as soon as possible).

Illustrated, easy to use instructions are provided with the download.