Comic Generator | Comic Sketch Action Kit

This kit has everything you need to help you create hand-drawn Comics or Storyboards. It comes with 9 Comic Page Templates, 3 Storyboard Templates, and 20 Text / Speech Bubbles. That’s not all, there are also 20 pre-made Sound FX Words (in 6 styles), my handmade comic sketch font (for regular text and for effects), a few patterns (.pat) and lastly the action (.atn) file.

No need to know Photoshop well (basic understanding is enough)

First you will use page templates to insert your story images / graphics (photos, drawings, clipart…). Then you’ll add text bubbles. Then you have to type text. You can also drag and drop sound effect words if needed. When you’re done, just run the action to get the final, hand-sketched look.

Use ANY images, they will get the same, sketched look in the end!

You can take photos with your phone. Any images will do, just insert them to make a story, add text and run action. It will look like a complex illustrated comic and no one will know how easy and fast you actually did it! Font “Comic Sketch” – Custom made is included and it’s ONLY a part of this download. It’s NOT available elsewhere. Easy to follow instructions are included. Comic generator – Sketch Action Kit is the one of a kind template that should be in every creative’s library!

Watch a comic page being created from start to finish in 5 minutes:

Variety of goodies will help you make great comics every time!

Comic Generator is very easy to use. You need to insert your images, which will automatically take it’s place in the Comic page of your choice. Then use our library of speech / text balloons and power FB words (Boom, Bang, Rooar, Crack, Wham…). Use our included font to finish the page. Then you need to run the action and you’ll get a hand-drawn comic page in no time.

Create full blown comic books in no time!

There are 9 included comic page templates, (and 3 storyboard templates) that will help you create multi-page Comic books in a very short time.