3 More Grunge Logos

Another 3 Grunge and Clean logo design templates. Easy to edit, you can enable/disable grunge background, scratches and vignette. Edit main content by double-clicking the red marked smart object called “logo_double_click to edit” - fonts used...

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HTML5 Animated Banner

Animated Online Media Banner in 30x250  The most common, standard online media ad unit size - 300x250. Easy to edit file (in Google Web Designer, which is a free tool for making HTML5 animated ads. Download it here: http://www.google.com/webdesigner/). Included are...

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Customize your angel

Customize your angel. Just import your photo. Wings are included! This awesome poster template is editable in a minute. Great for all kinds of...

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4 Billboard Mock Ups

This ZIP file contains of 4 Separate Photoshop Files, easy to use; just insert images (horizontal, vertical, square). 3 files have the campaign name plates included (shown in green, blue), so just re-type it’s text. To insert your images, right...

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Scarab13 – Youtube Tutorial channel

Scarab13 Youtube Tutorial Video Channel is LIVE! Watch your favorite Scarab13's templates being used in no time ! See how easy it is to modify those templates and to achieve a very professional look for your advertising. Visit our New Youtube Channel to...

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Instant Painting Photoshop Effect

Instant Painting is the easiest file to use – just double click on the red marked layer (on the bottom), called “double click to paste image”, paste your image in it, resize, save, close. It will immediately update the main file with your image. Now just pick any...

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Vintage Newspaper Mockups

2 Vintage Newspaper Mockups in hi-res. Easy to edit and use, all text is editable. Just import photo. Great for TV, film, FB profile pics, and everything else you could use it for. Including 2 .PSD files. Featuring original, yellow paper (layer...

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Funeral Invitation in 3 Versions

FUNERAL INVITATION IN 3 VERSIONS Funeral invitation photoshop template .PSD file for download - easy to use. We all know that live is more than parties, concerts and other fun events. Unfortunately sometimes there are times when we all lose a loved one and...

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Drawing Scene Mock-up

This Drawing Scene Mock-up will turn your photo in an art piece sitting on the drawing desk (down to the signature). This file works with any photo (color, or not), in any style (but portraits get better results). To insert photo, just double click a red marked layer...

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Best Wanted Western Posters

Best Wanted Western Posters - A Collection of absolutely BEST Western "Wanted Posters" for download and use. Just download the template, import your image (even if you import regular color photo, it will turn vintage and grungy as shown), and re-type text. Great gift,...

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Distressed Angel Card

Modern Splashy Grunge Card – easy to modify. Comes with bunch of optional elements that you can enable / disable (wings, side curtains, swirls, ornaments, etc). 5"x7" Download...

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