This is a slimmed down demo version. For a hi-res file with more paper textures and elements (just as shown in the previews) check HERE.

Great for posting on your love one’s FB wall, Twitter, another social media – or just to print it and send it out as an invitation / card / etc. You only need to import your lover’s photo (by double-clicking a disabled layer marked in red – 1st one from the top, and to pasting the photo in the file that will open). resize, save and it will update the main image. It may need some adjustments, so just go back to the file with image in it, resize and re-position, re-save.

You can then move the petals, pencils, enable/disable paper textures for more or less grungy look (full version). The words “I love you” are movable, but not editable.Brought to you by, for more great design resources check also: