(military appreciation / independence celebration poster template V2 – Updated, enhanced and more versatile)

This is the new version of one of our most popular posters – the Independence Day Poster – also known as “military appreciation poster template“. And this time it’s more versatile than ever, with 3 main themes (platoon, squad and salute) and optional elements that you can enable/disable per will: dagger & dogtags, vignette, paper texture, 2 Declaration of Independence scrolls (in light and dark version). Combine them to get the best look for your occasion (it will work great for 4th of July, Veteran’s Day and other military related things). (Look 1 shows the image of a whole platoon, Look 2 shows 3 soldiers, while Look 3 shows a saluting soldier, a tank, 2 planes, a boat and a helicopter. ) Almost all categories are featured in one way or another, so this military poster is very versatile for wide usage.

You just have to pick the main image, edit text and you’re done. Optionally you can adjust the look by enabling/disabling grunge overlay, paper texture, vignette, added dagger with dogtags…

Fonts used in the ‘military appreciation poster template‘:
Trajan Pro 
– Acknowledgement 
This is one of the most downloaded Military appreciation / independence day poster design templates, and still you can make it very unique every time. This, updated version is smaller, faster to edit, and comes with more looks and ways to customize it.

Download Military appreciation poster template