This updated, new version of my popular Theater Mockup Template is a hi-res 5000×3167 layered PSD file that comes with another 3 separate PSD files with bitmap alphabet letters in 3 styles (that you can easily drag/drop in the orange marked folder called Marquee Letters and arrange as needed), optional lights and lens flares (that you’ll move around to fit your headline) and 5 poster placeholders! That is a great improvement over my previous version that had only one letter style in a lower quality than the new ones. It was also much smaller in size and the overall look & feel was simpler and not as professional & ready to use straight from the box.

Theater mockup template is very easy to use

Firs open layer folder “poster1” (marked in red), right click on the smart object layer called image Holder, choose Edit Contents and paste your poster, resize to fit and save, which will update the main file. Repeat for other 4 posters. Editing of the text above the entrance – Right click on the smart object called TEXT (marked in yellow), choose Edit Contents, and it will open a separate window where you can retype text. Save, close. To edit logo on top, right-click a green marked layer (smart object) called “logo” and choose Edit Contents. It will open another window to edit logo elements. When you’re done, just save it.

Font used: – Bebas Neue (

There are many marquee style theater mockup templates around – but you’ll see that you actually get much more than just a mockup scene – there are 3 whole character sets of letters with bulbs in different styles, that you can use for unlimited other things, not related to this scene.