This Old Western Poster is different than the similar ones (I’ve made like 7 of them). It’s different because the final result looks as if it was sketched by hand. It’s original and refreshing look you can achieve fast. Just follow included instructions and you can get great results in less than a minute upon opening the .PSD. Once you edit this PSD file’s text (in yellow marked folder) and add image (by double clicking the red marked image holder,  you’re a half way there. Continue by pasting image between guidelines and saving), you just have to run the action file in order to get the final look/feel.

This package comes with a small brush file “.abr” and a photoshop action “.atn” that you have to double click to install first. (You don’t have to do anything with a brush file, and you’ll run the action after editing poster content by clicking “play” button in the action panel (window/action).

fonts used in Old Western Poster: (free to download)
– Matchbook Regular:
– CM Old Western:
– Saloon Girl:

I am an author of some of the most popular “Wanted” posters on the web, used in thousands of flyers, ads, even on TV, Film and popular press.  Some of my other Western Posters you should check:

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