Photoshop Actions Bundle – I could make 20 versions of my actions, in different colors, levels of softness, contrast, etc but if you are like me, you usually stick to one thing that works and use it all the time. These action are like that. Included:

-BW (black & white) action. ( one is my favorite. It’s great for wedding photography, posters, faces. It will add soft grain, convert your photo onto a nice monochromatic image with subtle tones and just make is pleasant and artistic.

-HDR action, best for dark and dull images, but will work on anything – ( This action adds life, clarity and detail to dark, over-processed photos as well as pale ones. It will as well bring life into blurred images, it will make them sharp and crisp. warning: this effect will work on most photos, but if the image is already sharp and bright, it may distort colors and make it over-the-top sharp. Great for scenes, portraits and awesome on landscapes.

-Photoshop Action “Purple Haze” – ( for posters, ads and artwork. It doesn’t work with all kind of images, it’s best to use it with medium-toned photos (see examples). It creates a dramatic old-fashioned look, and could be easily used for book or CD covers.

Download it HERE