This customizable Animated Holiday eCard for Photoshop is very easy to use – just insert your photo and edit your family name & year numbers. (That is the only text that you can edit, because other text around is custom designed and it’s not editable). Also, our illustrated, easy to follow instructions are provided as .doc and .jpg.

(Family images shown are not included, you’ll probably like to have your family shown instead). Because the exported result is an animated .gif, you can use it on social media, in emails, on websites, or show it in a full 1280×720 size on TV, (or even in a digital picture frame – remember those? If you still have one laying around, you can show this animated Family photo on Holidays. Oh joy!)

As a result, your Holiday card will be different than ever before. This is a 1280×720 file, which is great for web, TV and everything, but in some cases you’d like a smaller size. So, you can export it smaller too, for a smaller file (check our detailed instructions).

Fonts used:
– Bebas Neue (
– (
– Trajan Color (Adobe’s font that comes with new current PS
If you don’t have Adobe syncing option, you can use regular Trajan Font instead.