Easy to use, this 3500×2000 large PSD file contains everything to transform you into an Action Hero. Just insert your photo (any photo of your face will do as long as you can resize it to fit the space provided).

There are 12 movable interface objects, many of them contain hundreds of layers, but that’s not something you have to think about. Just position them as you want. You can start with all the elements disabled (disable all blue-marked layers) and enable & position them one by one (You will move the Eye Piece to your left eye, etc). You can easily insert another persons photo in the small screen interface, that’s floating in front of you. (full instructions are provided)

There are few different “looks” for this file. I suggest that you use “Film Effect” (one of the top layers, marked in green). The layer “Dramatic Light” marked in purple is optional, in case you prefer that look. You can also disable all adjustment layers for more natural color. Experiment.

Read the info provided, and then go and save the world!