Our Mega Collection of some 60+ Best Halloween, horror, spooky, scary and gore posters, flyers, FX templates, image effects, cinemagraphs and other premade creative files is available for download. Over 99.8% are made by Scarab13 as well, and only featuring some 2-3 works of our friends. So, as all of our files, those are well organized, easy to understand and to use in no time at all. The best thing is – you can re-use them over and over again. The walk-through video below shows a previous version, that was not yet updated. Now, scaryposter.com has almost twice as many items. Definitely worth checking out. Our templates will also work as book covers, film posters, event flyers, social media wallpapers, etc.



Creative Templates for Halloween and other Scary Events – layered editable .PSD files. 50 BEST pre-made designs, editable and tweakable in minutes. Easy to follow instructions are provided with every file.

Customizable, versatile files are compatible with all Photoshop versions (no need for CC). These files are great assets and could be used on everything, from Halloween parties to Concerts and Burlesque shows (Flying Circus, anyone?)

Halloween is around the corner. If you’re like me, you’re gonna wait till the last moment to advertise your party and to halloween-ize your social media, dating site and webmail images. I admit that slacking only made my last few year’s e-cards, party posters and cool zombie profile look poor. Not anymore, since I’ve discovered ScaryPoster (dotcom), a cool place with many interesting ideas, templates, designs, premade creative solutions that even I could use (which means that your aunt Hilda can use them too).  My parties are generally happening some 5-10 days before the actual Halloween, and instead of printing/uploading a cheap looking, wordpress-generated flyer, now my crap looks so professional that I am actually thinking of ways to upgrade my party, to match it’s advertising. I may have more mud wrestling cop zombies, or more evil nurses this time… The best part is that I can reuse those designs later – for Thanksgiving, 4th of July, Christmas, New Year (especially New Year)  – Albert Z, Baltimore

Halloween is getting closer. It’s time to start planning your spooky and sexy parties! Get these 50 BEST Horror Design Templates and Creative Resources for all your Halloween parties and other scary events. Very easy to edit and modify in minutes, these creative designs will definitely spice up your invitations, cards, flyers and posters. When people get to pick and choose which party to go to, your visuals will help them make a good choice. Better poster usually wins (even if the party is lame – we don’t judge).  Have the best. Check Scaryposter.com.