Scarab13 is proud to present it’s project “23 Pro Portrait Photoshop Actions for Photographers”, sold on CreativeArtMarket, and now on DownloadSoho as well. It’s a “click and forget” set of actions, with no customization needed. It’s very easy to use. run actions and that’s it. This set is NOT made for web applications (hi-res images only; 2000 pixel and up are required for good results). Small images would turn too sharp and too dark. This is exclusively made for hi-res photos, mostly portraits, and it works the best on brighter subjects.

This set will work on majority of subjects, from soft portrait, to dramatic action scene (and everything in between).  It creates very strong effects, with lots of attitude.

And for limited time only, the price of the set is reduced for 85% ! Get it today for only $8 (reg. $48)
Majority of Photoshop Actions are customizable and require tweaking after every application. Many photographers are just not into that – and want to spend more time being creative instead of adjusting so many parameters, just to get their photos decently processed. This set, called “Elementary Hipster” has 23 actions that don’t need ANY tweaking. Just run the actions and enjoy the result. Download them today and get Two BONUS actions made to improve your photos: “Remove White” converts white to transparent, and “Lens Blur” let’s you create lens blur effects by simulating Depth of Focus. Both actions are included in the download file!

Download it NOW
Download it NOW
professional photoshop actions for photographers
Download it NOW