Fast 3D Generator

FREE! - This file adds quick and professional depth to any text, logo, vector, shape and other single-colored object.  You just need to replace my example shape with yours by double-clicking a red marked layer (smart object), and pasting / typing your content in the...

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Free – Animated TV Mockup

7 Old Working TV Sets Photoshop Mockup Generator Add any video to it straight from your Photoshop! (please note this is a free version that has 1 TV set included, in the lower resolution. For the full version, with 7 awesome sets, in a full 1080P resolution, check...

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Free – Party Card “Broken”

Party Card "Broken" is very easy to use! 5"x7" template itself seems very simple, but once you load the photo, it becomes an interesting design with the image split in colorized pieces. If the colors are too bright, there is an adjustment layer with curves...

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Free – Vintage Letterpress Effect

FREE! - Vintage Letterpress Effect - Press Style Treatment for Text, Logo, Vector, Shape This template will emulate hand made press-style artwork in ink. It works with any text, shape, vector, logo (in one color). To use this just double click on the red market layer...

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Free – 9 Romantic Mock-up Scenes

FREE! - A Freebie Version of our latest "9 Romantic Mock-ups" template. Great for Velentine’s Day, Engagement, Wedding, Anniversary. There are 2 PSD files - One file contains of 7 horizontal scenes, another one has 2 vertical ones. You only have to import one image...

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Free – Interface Set

FREE! - There are so many included elements to build your Interface Set. Easy to tweak. Organized layers. Vector shapes - resizable. Images used are previews of my other items on Graphicriver.Font used: Gil Sans and Gil Sans bold...

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Free – Instant Painting Effect

FREE! - Instant Painting is the easiest file to use - just double click on the red marked layer (on the bottom), called “double click to paste image”, paste your image in it, resize, save, close. It will immediately update the main file with your image. This free...

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Free – New Year Party Poster

New Year Party Poster - FREE! - Very easy to modify, and replace image/text. (right click on smart objects and choose "Replace contents" for image or "Edit Contents" for text. Layers are named accordingly.) - Fonts used:Trajan Pro...

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