The typeface you choose communicates to readers before they read the words and if you choose a typeface incorrectly it can garble your message. This video shows how to select typefaces for text-heavy communications both in print and online. It also goes into the difference between text and display faces and simple ways to emphasize text. NOTE: in response to a comment on that this site is directed to a Christian audience, I try so share what that means to me at: For more about typography, go to This video is also available in HD with downloadable PDF notes for Effective Church Communication Members at: Please SUBSCRIBE to this Channel for additional videos on church communications. Checkout the PLAYLISTS to the right for videos collected on specific church communication topics. Please help other churches communicate effectively by letting them know about the Yvon Prehn Video Channel and the Effective Church Communication ministry with your Facebook likes, tweets, pins, and passing on the links to this channel and videos will help many churches communicate more effectively—they are GREATLY APPRECIATED!!! This video comes from Effective Church Communications, a ministry that provides basic and practical training in print and digital communications to help churches fully fulfill the Great Commission. For more, CHECK OUT: OUR TRAINING WEBSITE OUR CHURCH COMMUNICATION