– September 03 2013
[contentbox padding=”20+20+20+20″ style=”solid” borderwidth=”1+0+1+0″ bordercolor=”e6e6e6+cccccc+707070+707070″ radius=”0″ bgcolor=”e4eaeb” color=”000000″ textshadow=”FFFFFF” shadow=”FFFFFF” shadowradius=”0″]Scarab13 is announced as an ELITE AUTHOR on Graphicriver (Envato Marketplace), after reaching the sales quota needed. With almost 15,000 items sold, and being the #5 Top Author, Scarab13 has joined the “Elite Club”, that consists of 4 levels. Check out the graphicriver portfolio with over 300 awesome items (that were already used for bestselling book covers, flyers and posters for internationally famous acts, stage passes, corporate presentations, gold and platinum CD covers, professional photo treatments and more). Scarab13 do not create mediocre and amateur work; His files are done extremely professionally and detailed, even though the Photoshop level needed to use his templates is “dummy”. [/contentbox]

With over 15 years of experience in corporate design, automotive, film and video, postproduction and animation, Scarab13 is one of the best authors of layered PSD template files today.

Check ELITE Portfolio HERE


Screen shot 2013-09-09 at 1.20.29 PMelite_mix